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Our high quality products will work great for you!From wine and beer making products, plants, and bird supplies...we have it ALL!

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Good Ole' Plant Land is a garden center with the quality plants and garden supplies to make the most of your gardening. Offering a variety of plant products to make your garden stand out.

Sun Perenrial | Plant Land Plants  Shade Perennial | Plant Land Plants  Flowering Bulbs | Plant Land Plants  Ground Cover | Plant Land Plants Shrubs & Hedges | Plant Land Plants
Sun Perennial Shade Perennial Flowering Bulbs Ground Cover Shrubs & Hedges
Native Plants | Plant Land Plants Shade Tree | Plant Land Plants  Drought Tolerant | Plant Land Plants  Garden Plants & Supplies | Plant Land Plants Flowering Vines | Plant Land Plants
Native Plants Shade Tree Drought Tolerant Plants Garden Plants & Supplies Flowering Vines
Shade & Water Plants | Plant Land Plants        
Shade & Water Plants        

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(618) 526-8174
12920 Old US HWY 50
Breese, IL 2230


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Sunday: 12:30 – 4:00 (April and May)
CLOSED Sundays (June thru February)